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Sampai Kapan? Kapan-Kapan
(Until When? Until Sometime) (2015)
Sampai Kapan? Kapan-Kapan
(Until When? Until Sometime) (2015)
Silkscreen and relief print on Kozuke paper
15" x 22"

This print was part of the Southern Graphics Council International 2015 portfolio It Never Ends: Queers in the Historical Present curated by Paper Buck.

This portfolio explores the complex life of history in everyday queer experience. Artists will be generating interdisciplinary new works that explore narratives of familial history, racial formations, nation, migration, identity and socio-political transformation. How our histories inform our paths as queer makers today is the focus of reflection.

Diyan Achjadi (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Paper Buck (Oakland, CA)
Jamie Powell (Melbourne, Australia)
Favianna Rodriguez (Oakland, CA)
James Rose (Philadelphia, PA)
Grace Rosario-Perkins (Oakland, CA)
Steven Skowron (Baltimore, MD)
Virgil Taylor (Middlebury, CT)
Corinne Teed (Iowa City, IA)