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Digital print
24 in x 13.5 in

“I am a pedestrian. Every day I walk – from home to work; around the neighbourhood with my dogs; to the shops down the street. Walking is the way that I get to know a city, its roads, its buildings, its topography. In Vancouver, my embodied knowledge of a path is often interrupted by construction. Buildings that were once personal markers of space seem to suddenly disappear; sidewalks become covered by plywood and fencing; familiar routes redirected by orange cones and signs; all contributing to sense of unsteadiness about my familiarity with this city.”

This print was made for Vancouver Review Media's HiDef Print series.

Available in limited editions of 20, printed by Fidelis and the image size is 24 in x 13.5 in; with an additional 1/2 in; border on top and sides and a one inch border along the bottom.

They will be signed and numbered by the artists. Cost is $250 CAD each plus any shipping/handling. Local sales include free delivery.

For purchase, please contact Mark Mushet directly.